Balcony / Deck Rail

Orange County Glass Fencing’s frameless glass deck / rail systems comply with specifications and requirements of the building code, offering a fantastic, stunning and structurally sound application for any location!

Clean…contemporary…incomparable uninterrupted views, timeless, safe and weather resistant. Frameless glass deck and rail systems are the ideal design solution to enhance architecture and lifestyle. Frameless glass fencing and wall options are available for decks, balconies, patios, staircases, steps,  garden or retaining walls and even just as a glass wall or glass partition for a windbreak or a glass enclosure.

Glass Fencing / Railings using the Base Shoe System is another nice elegant option that we offer in our installation services. It can be installed as a balcony railing using both tempered and laminated glass as well as a wind screen or a backyard fence to maximze the views from your home.

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